E' una squadra di professionisti che con le proprie innovazioni vuole contribuire a migliorare il mondo in cui viviamo.

Lavanga Vito
VITO LAVANGA is Technical Director in Energy Supply-Chain Plan Srl - R&D in Mathematics, Nuclear Chemical, Electrical; He began his training with studies of Electrotechnics, continues with Chemistry Nuclear, consolidates with a Degree in Mathematics; it is applied for 20 years in information systems, cognitive systems and neurosciences; works with industrial and research groups (JRC, Sip / Telekom, Eni / SNAM, RCS, Comit / Intesa); it is applied on its own in training, developing front and distance owen training platforms, developing innovations in digital and publishing (minidisk, spoken book, Payment / POS); returns to technical and scientific fields by elaborating and producing solutions for energy efficiency and sustainability, crowned by 10 patents granted on: biogas, algae, desalination, hydrogen extraction, capting elettromagntics radiative spectrum, light diffuser, fluid mixer, fluid separator, heating / cooling of large surfaces, redevelopment of thermal insulation captante and thermal storage; with its own patents and third parties, it draws up sustainable projects dedicated to environmental and social sustainability, in "distributed and pervasive" assets dedicated to autonomy and independence;
Ramponi Simona
SIMONA RAMPONI is the chief of Ecologia Applicata’s research and development sector. Holding a Degree on Biology, she has a wide experience managing field projects related with wastewater facilities. She has acted as Technical Manager numerous times in water remediation programs. Relevant knowledge: Waste and wastewater equipment; Pilot and industrial scale engineering; Laboratory and field testing; Project design, work distribution, budget preparation;
1991 – Today: Ecologia Applicata – Organizzazione Scientifica di Ricerca Ambientale srl.
Sector: Environmental - Waste and Wastewater; Position: Responsible of Wastewater Department; Description: Laboratory and field activity, comprising toxicity tests, impact assessment and wastewater pilot and industrial scale engineering, among others;
1990 – 1991 – Co.Co. Pro Mountain Equipe Srl; Sector: Environmental; Position: Project assistant; Description: Sample chromatography analysis for atmospheric depositions;
1989 – 1990 – Instituto di Ricerca Sulla Acque (I.R.S.A) 1 – 1985: Pro.Te.O srl ( Progettazione Tecnica Organizzata ); Sector: Environmental – Applied Hidrobiology
Position: Internship; Description: Tests on intercalibration for chlorophyll measurements in water;
Ferro Rita
RITA FERRO worked with the Plant Production Department section Agronomy of the University of Milan; he has carried out research with experimental laboratory, parcel and field trials concerning: determination and study of floristic associations in agricultural and extra-agricultural areas; weed control on maize, rice, wheat, soy, fruit crops; control of weeds present in marginal areas such as embankments, canals, escarpments and railway lines, industrial areas; control, through the use of brachyzing active ingredients, of size and shape in ornamental flowering plants, from borders and hedges; studies on competition between weeds and crops; recovery of degraded areas; biofertirrigation systems on lawns; use of combinations of LEDs with different wavelength on: proliferation rate in micropropagation systems; rooting cuttings; seed pre-germination; photoperiod extension; alternating light / dark cycle; growth control and reproduction of aquatic flora and fauna; qualitative and quantitative improvement of vegetable oil production from single-cell algae; phytodepuration of urban wastewater with systems based on horizontal submerged continuous flow.

Integrated systems for renewable energies: use of opaque surfaces with their transformation into absorbing surfaces; storage of the captured thermal energy; management and displacement of thermal energy; economic considerations on geo-assisted solar thermal; collaboration in preliminary feasibility studies; irrigation, drainage and heating systems for natural grass sports fields; nitrogen removal in livestock manure; study and design of mini liquid anaerobic digesters of electric power between 1 and 10 KW.
Trinca Alessandra
ALESSANDRA TRINCA is a professional architect licensed (n° 3195 ordine degli architetti pianificatori paesaggisti e conservatori di Treviso).

Graduate at a classical high school, she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture in 2009 and a Master Degree in “architectural restoration and conservation” in 2015; she has the certification as safety manager, the qualification “overhead work qualification and use of personal protective equipment” and “industrial model and wood working” training. She worked since 2015 for 18 moths as account executive and draughtsman in a design studio specialized in turnkey contracts.

Since 2016 she works in RTM Costruzioni s.a.s as safety manager, supplies and tool manager, site manager.

Since 2018 she works for Agmin Italy s.p.a. as international advisor and technician to install prefabricated modules and to training the local staff (external contractor).
Farnè Stefano
STEFANO FARNE’ is Prof. ac at the University of Pavia - Faculty of Engineering; Education: Scientific Baccalaureate obtained at the A. Einstein Scientific High School in Milan; Degree in Industrial Technology Engineering from the Polytechnic of Milan; PhD in Metrology: Science and Measurement Technique; Industrial Security achieved at the Polytechnic of Turin; AICQ-SICEV Certificate n. 347 as ISO 9001 Quality Inspection Group Manager; KHC Certificate S 1323 as OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001 security auditor; TUV Italia Certificate n ° EGE_007-I as an Expert in Energy Management - UNI CEI 11339; Qing Certificate and subsequently CERT'ing, issued by the Order of Engineers of Milan for "Quality management systems"; European Quality License - EQDL Full issued by AICQ (Italian Association for Quality Culture) and AICA (Italian Association for Informatics and Automatic Calculation); Experiences: From 2001 to 2012 Contract Professor at the Polytechnic University of Turin; Faculty of Engineering - Quality and Measurement courses; Quality management systems; Quality in products and processes; Quality System; From 2002 to 2008 Adjunct Professor at the Polytechnic of Milan - Faculty of Engineering – Industrial Plant Laboratory courses (Degree Course in Management Engineering); Safety and Ergotechnics (Degree Course in Mechanical Engineering); Mechanical Systems (Degree Course in Energy Engineering); Since 2004 Consultant, auditor and trainer in the areas of quality and project management, environment and energy, health and safety at work; Since 2006 Evaluator on behalf of certification bodies (SGS Italia, Kiwa Cermet, DNV, etc.) for ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment), ISO 50001 (Energy), OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001 (Health and Safety) at work), Emission Trading, FGAS; Since 2006 Contract Professor at the University of Pavia – Faculty of Engineering - Mechanical Equipment courses; Cars; Logistics Management; Author of the books, published by Franco Angeli Editore, "Operational Quality" (2010), "Energy Management Systems" (2011), "Sustainable Quality" (2012); From 2014 Co-inventor of n. 8 Italian patents (registered at UIBM) in the areas of renewable energy, agro-industry, water purification / desalination, fluid machines; From 2014 for the Order of Engineers of Milan: Coordinator of the Lombardy Region for the certification of the skills of engineers - Qing / Cert’ing; State Exam Commissioner for the qualification as an Engineer at the Polytechnic of Milan; From 2016 Peer Reviewer for the following magazines: Energies; Sustainability MDPI; Allied Journals;
Dichiera Paolo
DICHIERA PAOLO is a maintainer of industrial and civil installations (born in CAULONIA, RC, on 4 September 1956); has achieved diploma and certificates in areas of hydraulics and plant engineering in general (thermal and hot / cold air conditioning systems, air treatment and refrigeration with heat pumps, also resorting to atypical and innovative exchangers); Relevant experience in civilian, industrial and sanitary installations (for a long time and at primary institutions, such as at IMPIANTI OSPEDALIERI DEL POLICLINICO (Milan); has created innumerable radiant floor systems (served by boilers and water / water heat pumps) , for conditioning in real estate redevelopment (homes, shops, restaurants (MONTADITOS PAVIA); managed the service levels for the classrooms at UNIVERSITY SIGMUND FREUD (MILAN); gained significant experience in remote monitoring and home automation;
Capodaglio Andrea
CAPODAGLIO ANDREA GIUSEPPE is Professor (habilitation Full Professor since 2003) of "Environmental Department of Civil Engineering & Architecture", University of Pavia; Public University (Institution of Higher Education); Tenured University Professor, with Teaching, Training and Research dut; Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Water Resources and Environmental Engineering III Level Academic Degree; Marquette University, 1515 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53241 USA; Engineering, Environmental Sciences (Environmental Processes & Technologies), Environmental Impact Evaluation, Modelling; Doctor of Philosphy ISCED Level 6 MSc in Civil Engineering, cum laude University of Pavia 27100 Pavia, Italy; Civil Engineering and related sciences Master of Science ISCED Level 5A (5-year University Degree); Professional Engineer -Provincial Board of Engineers of Pavia, Italy (n. 1209); Professional Engineer - Board of Professional Engineers, State of Wisconsin, USA (n. 27859); Fellow Award – International Water Association 2016 Board Certified Environmental Engineer by Eminence (BCEE), American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists, 2017 Award for “Outstanding Contribution to Education” – World Educational Congress Mumbai, 2014 Several awards for “Best Paper” and “Best Reviewer” from indexed journals;

Activity; - Teaching graduate and continuing education courses, in the Environ (Water, Air, Soils, Wastes and Energy). Courses taught at the Univ. Varese; -Environmental Engineering and Sanitation (6/3**/2*** ECTS); -Pollutants Chemistry (6 ECTS); -Pollutants Fate and Transport, and Environmental Quality Monitoring; -Surface Water Quality Processes and Modeling (3 ECTS); -Ground Water Pollutants Transport and Modelling (3 ECTS); -Air Pollution (3 ECTS)****; -Groundwater Contamination and Aquifer Remediation (6 ECTS)*; - Advanced Water & Wastewater Treatment Tecnologies (6/9 ECTS)*; -Water-Energy Sustainable Cities (6 ECTS – origionally in english) **last 3 anni **BSc Degree in “Environmental an Workplace Public Healt School ***MD Residency Program in Public Hygiene ****University of Varese; -Advisor of over 200 MSc Theses and 10 PhD Dissertations; -Design and Direction of MSc courses on “Environmental Risk and Surface Water Quality Management”, at the University of Pavia campuses), with a ESF grant through the Lombardy Regional Govern; - Coordinator, Interuniveristy MSc Degrees (in English) with Dual Process Control Engineering” (Mundus EU Master), Double Degree I Engineering (Univ. di Pavia, Marquette Univ., NY Polytechnic Univ., student exchange program between Univ. of Pavia and Beijing Univ.; - Director and lecturer, Summer Schools on “Water-Smart Cities” ("Material Recovery from Water and Wastewater”, 2017) held in Com Volta Foundation. Other invited lecturers: Drs. James Barnard, Novotny, Gustaf Olsson, David Vaccari, Grijetie Zeeman; - Design and coordination of research projects in the areas of: Water qu management, air quality management, technological innovation in po energy from waste, resources recovery and circular economy. Coord such as TEMPUS, Socrates, Mundus, Marie Curie, Erasmus+ etc projects Other university duties; - Member: Internal International Affairs Committee (2010-14), Faculty of the Doctoral School in Environmental Engineering (2002-), national examination committees for academic habilitation, professional engineering registration examination panels Leaves of absence; - LoA at Marquette University (Milwaukee, USA), 1991-92; - Young Researcher, personal grant from EU Program COMETT-II “HCM-Weel” at Laboratoire d’Hydraulique de France, Grenoble, 1993-94; -Exchange Faculty, pesonal grant from EU Program Leonardo, at Danish Technical University, Lyngby, Danimarca, 1998 (invited by the late Prof. Paul Harremoës); - Pre-Accession Advisor, Ministry of Environment & Water, Hungarian Government for Twinning Project (HU/IB/2001/EN/01) in Budapest, Hungary, 2003-04; - Visiting professor at the Universities Barcellona-Autonoma (ES), Bratislava (SK), Brno (CZ), Budapest (HU), Opole (PL), Vilnius (LT), Alexandria (Egypt), Al-Balqa (Jordan), Baku (AZ), Beijing Univ. of Technology and Harbin UoT (CN), Vladivostok and Yakutsk (RU) External duties and assignments; -President,15th IWA Int. Conference”Watershed & River Basin Management” programmed in Quy Nhon (Vietnam), 9-13 February 2020; -Member of many Scientific Committees of International Conferences; - Member, International Scientific Board, AdMaS Regional Research Center, Technical University of Brno (CZ); -Member, Organizing
Committee of the Italy-Kazakstan Symposium on “Energy, Environment & Development” held at EXPO Astana with sponsorship by Volta Foundation and Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2017; -Research projects reviewer for US EPA, US NSF, EU Commission, Governments of Greece, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakistan, Italian Ministry of University & Research, Italian Regional Administration and private granting institutions.
Prati Maurizio
MAURIZIO LUCA PRATI is a Director of PRACTICE, a business and industrial consulting firm; is a quality systems consultant (ISO 9001: 2015) for industrial and commercial companies; Quality systems consultant UNI CEI EN 17025: 2005 laboratories; Environmental management systems consultant UNI EN ISO 14001: 2014 and with EMAS scheme; scheme UNI EN ISO 13485: 2004 medical sector, Scheme UNI EN ISO 3834-3: 2006 for weld quality, Scheme UNI EN ISO CEI 80079-34: 2012 for explosion-proof systems. Among the many tasks performed are: 2005-TODAY, Head of Integrated System for Quality and Environment Management at Natural Technologies Italia - Production company in the chemical and biological sector; 2007, Technical reference for the design and production of industrial furnaces at Cia Mathey Italiana; 2004, Technical representative for TELECOM for NATEL telephony qualification; 2003, Quality System Manager c / o ADS - Explosion-proof Santambrogio. Technical consultant for the quality system; 2003, Quality System Manager at VALSERVICE - earth moving machines.
EDUCATION: 2009, Turin Polytechnic, Mechanical Engineering; 1990, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Political Sciences Economic Address; Scientific High School c / o Cardinal Ferrari - Milan; 2007, Passing Auditor exam for Environmental Management Systems 14001: 2004 c / o ICIM; 2007, Overcoming Internal Auditor for quality management systems in Test laboratories according to UNI CEI EN ISO 17025: 2005 c / o UNICHIM; 2000-2012, Auditor of quality management systems qualified CEPAS n ° 055 –UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008; 2000-2011, Quality management consultant for qualified CEPAS N ° 021 - UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008. It has carried out the certification of a vast list of companies according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 scheme, with complete project, implementation and maintenance.
Corina Marco
CORINA MARCO DEMETRIO is energy certifier; active in numerous technical consultancies for the Court of Milan and the former Rho and Legnano branch offices and the Rho Peace Judge: civil cases (real estate divisions; violations of property rights; damages; construction defects and defects; contracts of contract, preventive technical checks, etc); appraisals of buildings for executive procedures at the 3rd Section of the Court of Milan; Collaborate with Ing. Maria Luisa Brusa for the architectural and structural design of residential and industrial buildings; Member of a real estate company that has carried out various residential projects of which he was also a designer and works director; carries out architectural design and works supervision for civil and industrial buildings; drafting of metric calculations; execution and drawing up plano-altimetric surveys with the aid of a total station; calculation and verification pursuant to law 10/91; preparation and compilation of cadastral maps, map types and subdivisions in civil and industrial environments; elaboration and drafting of thousandth tables; processing of succession declarations; carrying out appraisals for the appraisal of land and building properties; part technical advice; has numerous professional services to its credit; EDUCATION: 2009, Certificate of attendance of experts in the field of environmental landscape protection at the College of Surveyors and Land Surveyors of the Province of Milan; Certificate of participation in the Building Acoustic Technician course at ANIT Milan; Certificate of participation in the course for Civil Conciliator at the College of Surveyors and Land Surveyors of the Province of Milan; Registration in the Lombardy Region Certifier Register at no. 9725 following a course and final exam at the Politecnico di Milano; 2001, Registration to the register of the C.T.U. of the Court of Milan at no. 10026; 1997, Certificate for safety coordinator (Legislative Decree 494/96) at the CPT of Milan; 1988 Registration in the Register of Surveyors of the province of Milan at no. 8131; 1990, Fulfillment of military service as auxiliary policeman; Enrollment Faculty of Civil Engineering, Ergotecnico address, at the Politecnico di Milano (ten examinations completed); 1985, Diploma of surveyor, at the Technical Institute "E. Mattei" of Rho.
Cricelli Vincenzo
VINCENZO CRICELLI is an Industrial Technician with specialization in "Metalworking Industries", graduated from I.T.I.S. FELTRINELLI (Milan); relevant experiences: from the diploma, he worked for many years in the installation and maintenance of machine tools and industrial robots (for assembly lines and mechanical production); active for many years in technical assistance on duplication / copying plants (high performance), for the use of relevant industrial complexes distributed throughout the national territory; for several years, and in line with the evolution of editorial and graphic tools, has entered the digital printing sector, deals with the supply, installation of panels, towels, banners for events, exhibitions, fairs with cutting-edge typographic solutions (between which 3D prints); technologies that also pours into the design of innovative homogeneous diffusion systems with side-emission optical fiber (SDNA patent), for use in greenhouses, hydroponics, vertical-farm and vegetable crops in general; interested in renewable energy, he follows the sector with a keen interest (he participates in various training courses in the Lombardy Region, in the energy efficiency sector), implementing and testing (also directly) innovative systems (under license of the respective industrial patents, TermoCappottoCaptante, TermoPozzo , Heat pumps, ...);
Frigerio Giorgio
GIORGIO FRIGERIO is IT / ICT consultant, HW / SW; following the studies of "ENGINEERING ELETTRONICA" address "AUTOMATICA", enters the sector of development and maintenance of intranet, internet, ASP, PHP, MSSQLSRV, MySQL applications; consistent with industry developments, it follows and is active in engineering consultancy on civil and industrial plants, taking on significant roles; ICT manager of corporate information systems and operator training, supervision and assistance in the release and configuration of architectural sites, corporate portals; coordination and development of projects in ASP area for E-Commerce, web Marketing, E-Learning (FAD) in Windows environment; short excerpt of activities and tools used: COMPUTER IN ENVIRONMENTS DOS, WINDOWS, 9X / 2000 / ME / NT / XP / 2003; SOFTWARE: MICROSOFT VISUAL STUDIO DEVELOPMENT IDE, BORLAND C ++ BUILDER, MACROMEDIA DEVELOPMENT IDE, PHOTOSHOP, PAINTSHOP PRO, MICROSOFT OFFICE, MICROSOFT SQL SERVER, ORACLE DATABASE, IBM DB2, MYSQL; LANGUAGES: COBOL, SQL, HTML, DHTML, XML, JAVASCRIPT, VBSCRIPT, VISUAL BASIC, WSH, VBA, ASP, PHP, REXX, C / C ++ / VISUAL C ++, JAVA, LOTUS ENVIRONMENTS; OS: NT / 2000/2003 SERVER, THEIR INSTALLATION, CONFIGURATION, ADMINISTRATION AND MAINTENANCE, INSTALLATION, ADMINISTRATION, MAINTENANCE OF DNS SERVICES, DHCP, WINS, WEB SERVER, MAIL SERVERS; DESIGN AND ASSEMBLY OF LOCAL NETWORKS, INTRANET / INTERNET, WOKSTATIONS;
Jandolo Sergio
SERGIO JANDOLO has developed his 25 years career within finance, tax and accounting, M&A and business consultancy areas, mainly abroad for challenging projects in Europe, North Africa, USA, South of America, Far East and P.R. China; he was in role as CFO and Finance Business Controller for correlated companies to ENI Group, Edison Group, Impregilo assigned to international projects, all through the main tasks of the corporate governance, focusing the development of an international wide knowledge of Oil & Gas, energy and construction industry and services markets; his international experience within the Oil & Gas industry permitted him to collaborate for large projects with the major companies as TEXACO, CHEVRON, BRITISH PETROLEUM, CNPC-China National Petroleum Corporation, NIOC-National Iranian Oil Company, NOC-National Oil Corporation (Libya), EGPC-Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation, PETRONAS, PETROBRAS, SOUTH NEVADA WATER AUTHORITY. Acknowledged deep experience as Senior Consultant with Barabino & Partners for Financial PR with the target of financial communication supporting IPO and M&A financial capital market operations; degree in Economy - Business and Administration (U.C.S.C. - Cattolica University).
Broglio Paolo
PAOLO BROGLIO is a Doctor in Applied Biology by the University of Milan and Ecologia Applicata’s main director. He has 40 years of experience in waste and wastewater treatment has made him an expert in the field, hired by numerous companies for scientific consultancy. He has established and led multiple companies and projects in wastewater, toxicology or chemistry. Moreover, he has a broad experience coordinating national and European research projects, working in close collaboration with research centres. Relevant knowledge: Waste and wastewater equipment; Equipment design, engineering and development; Project design, work distribution, budget preparation; Knowledge on European requirements and context; Project management; Business strategy.
Carone Giacomo
GIACOMO CARONE is industrial engineer in telecommunications. He works as a professional in Project Management, Training and Manuals. He gained experience in the field of installations, maintenance and electronic repairs in the military, pharmaceutical and civil sectors, special projects in the banking sector, and real estate maintenance. Founding member of GBC Italia, he was the coordinator of the Water Efficiency group for the NC 2.2 part; in 2009 he left GBC Italia. Fields of interest: efficiency in the use of water, materials and resources, process certifications, consultancy and training. In 2009 he obtained the certification for the course "Supporting innovation processes in the territory through integrated project management: new skills in the eco sustainable development chain" (PAT - cert. 2009/1903 dated 31/07/2009). It has signed an R&D agreement with the Trento University DICA, a commercial agreement with MY-WAY of Zurich (CH), an R&D and commercial agreement with ESAE Srl - Milano University spin-off Di.Pro.Ve. He currently works on collaborations with Agmin Italy to produce renderings, manuals, consultancy and training of on-site teams regarding Prefabricated Housing Modules on behalf of the United Nations.
Rosa Costantino
COSTANTINO ROSA has a Diploma in Accounting, has a Degree in Sociology (110/110, obtained from the University of Trento,); currently he works as a consultant as a partner of BIFROST S.A.S.di Rosa Costantino e C. of which she is the legal representative; in companies, he supports the management, collaborating with the technical and administrative staff with particular attention to social relations, trade union relations and with employees in general; with particular regard to the subject and safety regulations (security & safety); has acquired experience and expertise above all in the sector of business management in the agri-food sector and in the sector of workplace safety with particular reference to personnel management, assuming roles of Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer; has acquired experience in the field of waste management and environmental issues more generally by assuming roles as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer or Technical Manager in the waste transport sector; he has gained experience in managing personnel in social cooperatives and in following job placements in various sectors, taking on the roles of Chairman of the Board; he was appointed Councilor for the Environment and Urban Planning of the Municipality of Casalmaggiore (CR); Since 1996, he has worked as a freelance specialist in the field of safety in the workplace, performing consultant and RSPP duties in various companies such as: CAA of Opera (MI), CLO of Milan (MI), S.I.LO. SPA di Siziano (PV), Coop. La Giovane of Parma (PR), Coop. Taddei di Parma (PR), Emilia Romagna Symphonic Orchestra of Parma (PR), Coop. Muratori the Solidarity of Cremona (Gussola, CR), SOGEA Company of Cremona, Casalasca Servizi SpA of Casalmaggiore (CR), Sistema Trasporti srl Opera (MI), Coop Paratori of Genoa, Autotrasporti Razzetti SRL Siziano (PV), Autotrasporti Roccisano di Lentate sul Seveso (MI), AIR SERVICE Paderno Dugnano (MI).
Grimaldi Stefano
STEFANO GRIMALDI is graduated in Mechanical Engineering, awarded in July 1975 at the "La Sapienza" University of Rome; further studies in the degree course in Aerospace Engineering (supporting half of the exams); he obtained the title of Italian Patent Attorney in November 2004; currently operates in the industrial property sector; collaborates on various technological issues with Celant-Tel S.r.l. (company active in the telecommunications infrastructure sector); Experiences: 1987-2000, Enichem-Milan, head of the Design and Testing Department of the Materials Science and Engineering Operating Unit of the Research and Development division of Enichem Corporate for the development of new polymer materials, responsible for coordinating a group of specialists, 20 PhDs and graduates, with the realization and testing of prototypes, using internal and external resources (including Enichem customers); 1981-1987, Aermacchi-Varese, development of calculation methods for aeronautical structures in composite materials (carbon fibers, etc.), achieving the development of technologies for the production and control of composite material structures, designing and manufacturing, between other, a machine for ultrasonic testing of parts made of composite materials; 1978–1981, FIAT-Turin, operates at the Central Laboratories, contributing to the development of aluminum sheet metal molding technologies for the construction of car bodies; at the Planning Authority, he collaborates in the structural design of bodywork and mechanical parts, in particular in the structural verification of the bodywork and suspension of the Uno model, contributing to the development of the calculation methodology for the simulation of the impact against the barrier; 1977-1978, S.T.S.-Rome (Satellite Telecommunications Systems), participates in the SIRIO project, in the design and construction of large parabolic antennas for space telecommunications.
Battezzati Stefano
TEFANO BATTEZZATI has a degree in Economics and Business from the Catholic University of Milan (evening session); consolidates a significant experience at a Credit Institute (1980 / - 1982); he was appointed external auditor, to Price Waterhouse (1982 - 1985); then he was hired as an administrative manager at IFIM Leasing (1985 - 1987), an experience that led him to carry out extensive corporate auditing; from 1987 to 2012 he held the role of administrator dealing with accounting, finance and business organization at companies in the waste sector, advertising and entertainment; from 2013 to date he deals with business consultancy for small businesses, investigating the relevant issues in the administrative, financial and organizational sector; responsible for administrative and personnel functions in ESCP Srl. Excellent knowledge of management software and analytical accounting.
Cavagna Mauro
MAURO CAVAGNA is an Agronomist; 1982: High School Diploma; 1993: Degree in Agricultural Sciences, with specialization in "Plant Production" and Guidance on "Floroviva Productions", obtained at the University of Milan. 1995: Qualification to practice the profession of Agronomist Doctor; 1996: Enrollment in the Professional Register of Agronomists and Forestry Doctors of Bergamo (n.144). Relevant EXPERIENCES: Owner since 1996 of agronomic study that deals with the design and care of private and public green spaces; Collaborator of the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of the University of Milan; Technical consultant for floriculture companies in central and northern Italy; site coordinator during the installation and maintenance of green areas; Lecturer in refresher courses in Floriculture and Nursery Techniques reserved for operators in the horticultural sector; Professor of Gardening and Urban Ecology in courses for hobbyists; Collaborator of magazines in the horticultural sector; Author of scientific publications in the field of professional green.
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